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300 years of San Antonio history

Now is your chance to be part of San Antonio’s 300-year-old history. Sign up for the Spanish Missions tour at our new web site www.HistoricToursofTexas.com for the best tours in Texas.

The Alamo is not the only mission!

This is the 300th anniversary of the founding of San Antonio. It is a perfect time to do much more than just visit the missions, the museums, the town itself. I promise to give you insights into the lives and times of the people who lived there. The three-day tours are a perfect chance to really explore the San Antonio and the Spanish Missions. You too can revel in the 300 years of history while enjoying delicious breakfasts and relaxing evenings discussing the days’ tours.

If you have been to the Spanish Missions around San Antonio, you know how awe-inspiring the structures are. Have you ever studied the structures closely? Consider that they were built by the local natives under the supervision of just a couple of first, Jesuit, and then Franciscan priests exactly 300 years ago.

Study the rock walls. Look at the arches. Think about chipping the rocks, one at a time, finding just the right one to fit into place. Think about getting the rocks to stay in place without concrete. Look at the height of the bell towers. The architectural construction is truly astounding.

300 year old Aqueduct bridge

Amazing to think that those missions could just as easily have disappeared over the centuries. The local residents could have stolen all the rocks for their own homes. That they didn’t and that the missions are still there, is a testament to the people who still inhabit the area.

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