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Leads and Luxury

Keeping the group happy

Egg and sausage casserole, fresh-baked cinnamon rolls, fresh fruit bowl, “pigs in a blanket”, orange juice and coffee.  Our Leads group ate good this week!

Our #HuntsvilleWalkerCountyChamberofCommerce provides interested members of our Huntsville chamber a chance to join a “Leads” group. The participants help each other out by providing leads to other members of the group – i.e. carpet cleaning, or radio advertising, or insurance or real estate sales or car repairs. And now, Historic Tours too.

Each week a different member leads the group and explains about their business. As part of the early morning meeting, the leader provides doughnuts or kolaches or some kind of snack. The members get to eat while they sit and listen.

And we must keep our health in mind too!

As a new addition to the group, this week was my week. No doughnuts and kolaches for me! No ho ho. As I told my fellow members, I wanted to showcase the treatment that would be given to my guests on the tours. Luxury and elegance. Okay, and fattening too. But we will be doing some walking at the missions to walk it off.


Little left after the members got a more substantial meal than they are used to.

So 5 am and I was up cooking. I had to look up Egg Casserole in order to do it, but it is relatively simple. Just don’t let it cook too long. The eggs set up after you take them from the oven. And there is nothing easier than making “pigs in a blanket.” I whipped out 50 of them for one meeting and it took no time at all. Blessings on crescent rolls in a “Pop” container. And the cinnamon rolls are easy too. Again, don’t overcook.

The night before I put together a Power point on the tours. And my members got a history lesson into the bargain. I made some of the members into the Native tribes, including the Karankawa who may well have eaten the Spanish soldiers and sailors, some were the Spanish and one lonely soul (thank you Dana) represented the 30,000 Anglos who came pouring across the border when practically free land was offered. We had fun and they got to see what the tours will be like. Lots of learning along with the eating!

Will you get to cruise the Sea of Cortez aboard this magnificent yacht?

And the sales job worked!  Larry and his lovely wife have signed up for the Western Mexico tour. There are already others signing up, so if you want to spend New Years Eve on Carlos’ magnificent Pacific Monarch yacht and see the Copper Canyon to boot, you’d better sign up now!