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Mariachi Mass at the Queen of the Missions


Our guide at Mission San José

What better way to celebrate “el diezyseis” Mexican Independence Day on September 16th than to revel in a Mariachi Mass at Mission San José y San Miguel de Aguayo?

I intentionally planned our Spanish Missions Tour to coincide with this celebration of Mexican Independence Day in this particularly Hispanic Texas town. However, in the spirit of total honesty, the mission fathers and their First People members would not have known what the heck Mexican Independence was. Mexico, as a Republic, didn’t come along for another 100 years.

The mission, named by its founder Father Antonio Margíl de Jesus in 1720, honored Saint Joseph, as well as the then Governor of the combined states of Coahuila and Texas, the Marqués de San Miguel de Aguayo. But we will have to go back twenty years earlier to understand the complicated relationships of the French and the Spanish in Texas.

Delightful dinners

The nice thing about having three days to cover the history of Texas from 1500 to the resettlement of the missions in the 1700s, and the eventual secularization of the missions by the 1800s, is that we don’t have to cram all that history into one short blog. (Whew! Relief!).

I’ll share outlines and maps so you understand the complications of the settlements at French Natchitoches and Spanish Nacogdoches, the settlement of the missions in East Texas, the Chicken War of 1719, the resulting Aguayo Expedition, the settlements at Goliad and San Antonio, and the eventual arrival of the Canary Islanders. A complete set of my extensive notes will be available as Add-ons.


B&B Breakfasts couldn’t be nicer

Envision sitting around in the evenings on the porches of the Canyon Ridge Ranch B&B, sipping wine or Dasani sparkling waters and snacking on treats while we delve into the amazing and fascinating histories of the people who colonized Texas. Or luxuriating for breakfast on the porch of the Oge Mansion on Sunday before heading over to hear the Mariachi Mass at San José.

I’m SO looking forward to sharing this trip with all my friends!