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I truly meant to post this yesterday!

Hamlet-like, I wonder, “’tis better to exercise and then write?,” or throw tardiness to the winds and just write the blogs and post them—with pictures—to the Internet, making me late to exercise class. Then, of course, follows the mad scramble to find the time to exercise later.

I admit, I cursed vehemently yesterday when I chose to write first. Everything went wrong. The computer, in its infinite wisdom, decided to shut down every half hour or so, and then take fifteen minutes or more to load back up. I sat staring at the black screen with the accursed down-turned smile which assured me that “it” (whoever it is) was gathering data on the stoppage and would start up again soon.

We have obviously gotten far too complacent and dependent on these infernal computers. If they don’t power up instantly, provide immediate internet access, and open half a dozen programs at once, we find ourselves furious and frustrated.

And, Lord have mercy, if the vile things shut down just as we have finished a lengthy email or a two-page blog, without saving it, of course, we sit there with bile rising in our stomachs, our nails digging into our desks, and horror at losing all that work roiling through our silently screaming minds.

The only recourse is to scroll frantically on the mouse, muttering, “Please, NO! Please NO! Please, please, please NO!”Then, at last, it is time to furiously pound the innocent and innocuous plastic creature on the desk. I would have thrown it but since my desk sits up against the wall of my office, it wouldn’t go far enough to make any kind of satisfying crash.

Then, the further debate. Do I unplug all those dirty, dusty wires in the back of the computer – with very little hope of ever getting them plugged back in correctly, or do I pay an extra hundred dollars to have a 12-year-old come out and fix it?

I dared to unplug and haul the box that I am told is the hard-drive in to the computer company. Of course, one of the young men happened to be an ex-student of mine. He is some fifty (yes, I admit it) years younger than I and assured me, (was that a condescending smile?), that of course he could fix it.

He did. When he called not more than three hours later, he calmly explained something about Malware and 2000 illegal programs and I have no idea what else. I suppose it should be in my best interest to learn to speak this new language, but really, why bother? Isn’t that what these Gen-X’ers or Gen-Z-ers or Kindergarteners are for?

Now, after venting on this blog, using my laptop while waiting to go get the repaired desktop (yes, I did my calming Yoga and Pilates first), I am not overly disturbed that the fricking laptop won’t connect to the Internet. Not connected? No connections available? What? Why? It always has before. So, forget about posting this to the internet or checking emails.

Time to take this laptop in to the children, too.

See? There is a good reason we have grandchildren who have played with computers since before they could walk. Don’t knock them. We need them. But they need us to pay to fix our computers and keep them in business. Quid pro Quo!   

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