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Stripper pole?

Just heard from a friend that someone in Conroe had asked whether there was a tour company in Huntsville that had a stripper pole!

Where or how they heard about it is anybody’s guess! But the answer is yes, the Joye Mobile does have a so-called “stripper pole” along with blinking lights, a number of speakers in the ceiling to play your favorite CD on the player.

However, this is a very sedate bus! We do have wine tours, but no one has (so far) gotten so happy that they wanted to use the pole. At the Walker County Chamber of Commerce ribbon cutting, I called in some favors and the daughter of a friend agreed to do a “pole dance.” It was not sexy, it was just amazingly demanding gymnastics. And she said the pole was too big to really qualify.

I think the reason my Sunday School class (most in their later years) really likes the bus is that it is comfortable with cushioned, luxury seating around the sides that makes it easy to talk to other passengers. It is also easy to get up and move around, clinging to the “dance” pole, of course.

I do have to add another air conditioner. The one installed in the van is just not up to snuff for hot Texas summers. On the last trip to Nacogdoches, we had to pack bags of ice to cool things down!

So lets get our tours in early this Spring and get the AC unit added for summer. My dedicated Web Master will update the website so you can sign up for the next tours.

See you on the Joye Mobile, stripper pole and all.

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