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The Guineas Wallow in Luxury

Our Guinea Pigs aboard the Yacht Pacifica

What makes a hotel luxurious? Why is one hotel $400 or more a night, as some are in Cabo San Lucas? Why are others in Mexico a very reasonable $34 a night? What is luxury?

My willing friends, better known as the Guinea Pigs, are here to report on this first inaugural tour. They believe that the difference is the towels. The towels in your average Motel 6, or the $34 econo-lodge, are thin emaciated scraps of rough cotton, scratchy and far too quickly saturated.  The other tell-tale sign are the pillows, whether stingy and thin, or rubbery and tough.

Posada de las Flores, Loreto, Where we will begin next time.

Ah, but not here! We have had the pleasure of enjoying, not one, but two Posadas de las Flores – Inn of the Flowers. The first, here in La Paz, Baja California Sur (South), faces the ocean and the broad main drag with its wide pleasant “malecón” or walkway along the breakwater. The other in Loreto, Capital of the Californias, is a colonial style building that faces the 300 year-old plaza.

Admittedly, the Loreto Posada is not what it appears. By Spanish tradition and law, the central plaza of any town must have a church on the east side, the government office on the west side, and on either side of the plaza stood the massive homes of the wealthy miners, merchants or ranchers. The Posada de las Flores in Loreto is correctly placed, and it has the look and feel of a Mexican colonial home from the 1700s. It turns out, to my amazement, it was built 20 years ago by a wealthy Italian! He did an amazing job of replicating the colonial architecture. Even the doors are immense 6 inch thick wooden structures that could have come off a church or fort from that time.

Posada de las Flores, La Paz, with welcoming Mojitos in hand

Both Posadas (both built by the same Italian) are luxury at its finest. The towels are thick and fluffy with accompanying white plush bathrobes. The pillows are soft and cushiony, neither too hard nor too soft, and ample in size and quantity. The rooms are spacious, the beds comfortable, the bathrooms large with delicate flower- folded paper and some with lava rock walled showers that feel like you are out in the forest,

Teresa, Dalia and Rosa playing Cards

What we enjoyed are the bougainvillea-covered, palm be-decked patios, full of comfortable brightly cushioned chairs gathered in cozy groups. Around us are the magnificent decorations of Mexican pottery from all over the country, massive gilt edged mirrors, elaborate ornate wall hangings and delicate detailed watercolors of Mexico. There is no doubt that we know we are truly enjoying luxury.

The collection of Mexican artifacts is truly amazing. There are pieces from Oaxaca, Yucatan, Michoacan, Sonora, even from Taxco and central Mexico. Someone had a wonderful time touring Mexico with lots and lots of money and a good eye for Mexican crafts. And we got to revel in the results.

Obviously, both Posadas de las Flores will be on the list for next December’s trip.