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To Mask or Not to Mask

This is no longer a question. Those who believed that Covid would disappear like snow on a summer’s day as soon as the election was over can no longer cling to that fleeting hope. But will this encourage more residents to wear masks to help “flatten the curve”?

One of the problems faced by those of us whose businesses were impacted by the Pandemic is how to restart our businesses safely. My tour business consists of piling people into a smallish bus and sharing air, and the attendant microbes, for several hours a day. The chances of being able to do this safely without becoming a superspreader event makes me queasy.

How many people do you know that have the disease? So many of us are isolated from even knowing anyone who has it or has had it that the problem is often dismissed with a wave of the hand. Covid? What Covid? Masks? How silly!

Flatten the curve. Remember that ancient term? It feels like that was so long, long ago and so far, far away. Remember the effort it took to avoid the disease? Social distance. Masks. Hand washing. What a bore! Everyone is so very tired of having to worry. But is there still reason to be concerned about Covid? Are there those who are contagious and pass it on to others?

Ask the nurses and doctors who face the dead bodies piling up in the morgues and hospitals every day. Remember when we praised those front-line workers with banners and cheers? Remember when they were our heroes? Remember when we saw their suffering faces and worried about them getting sick? How quickly we forget.  

Some among my friends still worry. Some among us still want to wear masks and remain distant. Some among us still remain locked up at home. How much longer? We may want to be through with Covid but is Covid through with us?  

As this cold and bitter winter sets in, many will become contagious. If the hope is for “herd” immunity, like Sweden, some will die. Not all, certainly, but many, many more. Unlike the NBA who could form their protective bubble and play their games, the rest of us are not so fortunate. Out here in the “free” world, we are “free” to get sick, “free” to pass it around, “free” to kill off a few friends and relatives. After all, it’s only a few.

So in desperation to keep my little Historic Tours of Texas alive, will I take “bubbles” of people who all know each other and are known to not be contagious? Is it worth the risk? Would you?    

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