Granaderos and Damas extended stay, 6-night trip


Welcome aboard! The Granaderos are returning to Mexico City for a wonderful chance to explore the life of Bernardo de Galvez.

We will enjoy meals at some of the best restaurants in Mexico City, listen to a symposium from some of the best scholars on the Galvez family

and learn about the importance of the Donativos to the American Revolution.

Our tour guide, Sr. Carlos, will be working with Dr. Crimm (she has a PhD in Latin American History), to escort you on tours of the many downtown palaces.
Did you know that you will be walking where our hero Don Bernardo walked while he was Viceroy of Mexico?
Admittedly, he probably should not have been pardoning convicts when he came across his judges hanging the criminals.
That was why his Mexican advisors asked him please not to go walking when there were executions taking place!
You will also learn why the nobility were not happy with Don Bernardo during the famine of 1785-86!
How would you like to have your name plastered all over the newspaper when you didn't "contribute" to help feed the poor?
We will learn all sorts of amazing and wonderful things about our hero and some of the problems he faced as well.

Activity level - average

We will be doing quite a bit of walking, so please be sure you can join in the fun.

Payment in full is expected on a first come first-served basis, so get your payment in early.

Cancellation policy - 100% refund up to October 31; 50% refund until December 1.

No refund after December 1 as we need to book hotels and transportation by that time.


Weds - Jan 31 - Arrive at Hotel Escoril, All breakfasts provided.

3:00 pm - relax and unpack, explore if you like!

Our hotel is downtown which will give you an opportunity to visit the many magnificent palaces, museums and restaurants in the downtown area.

Learn why Mexico City was called "The City of Palaces" in the 1770s as the silver miners showed off their wealth by building huge homes.

7:00 pm - Enjoy a Welcome Dinner and get to know your fellow travelers.

Thurs - Feb. 1 - Breakfast at the hotel

Downtown tour in our two vans. Carlos, our guide, is well versed in the history of Mexico during the Viceroyalty of Bernardo de Galvez

and of his father Matias. We will get to visit some of the outlying areas where Viceroy Bernardo spent weekends.

Lunch at Sanborns - this is the famous House of Tiles, built by the Count of the Valley of Orizaba, near Puebla.

When the Count died, his widow used the inheritance to bring blue and white Talavera tile from Puebla to decorate the front of the palace.

It is said that she once faced down another noble in the narrow street beside her palace. She refused to allow her carriage driver to back up

and forced the other noble to back his carriage out of her way. The street is now called the Callejon de la Condesa, the Countess's Alley!

Today, of course, the House of Tiles is the flagship restaurant for the Sanborns chain of restaurants.

3:00 pm - return to Hotel for Siesta

Dinner on your own at the many nearby restaurants. Dr. Crimm will be available to help you with restaurant choices and translations.

Fri- Feb 2 - Breakfast at the hotel
10:00 - 2:00 approx - Symposium at the University

Presentations by scholars involved with the history of Bernardo de Galvez, the Donativos and the American Revolution.

Lunch after the Symposium

Dinner on your own

8:00 pm - Ballet Folklorico at Bellas Artes - This magnificent opera theater was built during the Porfiriato and finished in the  Art Nouveau and Neoclassical styles. Ther interior is primarily Art Deco. The building is best known for its murals by Diego Rivera, Siqueiros and others, as well as the many exhibitions and theatrical performances it hosts, including the Ballet Folklórico de México which we will get a chance to enjoy!

Sat Feb 3 - Breakfast at the hotel
10:00 am - Coyoacan Sabados Market
The suburb of Coyoacan (one time location of Hernan Cortez's governmental palace) hosts an incredible Saturday-only country market.

You will have a chance to shop til you drop with everything from native goods from around the country,

to fine silver and gold jewelry, beautiful paintings and native art!

2:00 pm - Lunch at San Angel Inn - this magnificent restaurant was at one time an immense hacienda
that has been turned into one of the best restaurants in the city.

3:30 pm - Siesta

Evening on your own.

Sun Feb 4 - Breakfast at the Hotel
10:00 am - Church of San Fernando for Galvez family mass. Both Viceroys are buried in this lovely old church, one on either side of the altar.

We are hoping for a special mass for our Galvez family!

12:00 am - Brunch at nearby restaurant

1:30 pm - Return to hotel to check out.

3:00 pm - Van for those returning to airport.

Mon Feb 5 - Breakfast at the Hotel

10:00 am - visit the pyramids and other historic sites. This will be a choose-your-own tour with flexible locations and times.

2:00 pm - Lunch on the road

3:30 pm - Siesta and last chance to visit downtown.

Evening on your own

Tues Feb 6 - Breakfast at the hotel

Van to Airport - varied times

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