Norma Vazquez Special Wine Tour


This is a specialty "Ubber" tour!

The Joye Mobile will take you to three wineries on the Sam Houston Wine Trail where you can

purchase your own wine and then a stop for a delicious meal at Sam's Table to enjoy a meal on your own.


11:3O AM - Meet at our new location at 1225 11th Street. Board the Joye Mobile with snacks, water and coffee aboard.

12:00 noon - Teysha Winery with Joe Zimmerman for a wine-tasting of their best wines. Your chance to buy some bottles to take home for later.

2:00 PM - Return to Sam's Table for a delicious lunch.

3:00 PM - Board the Joye Mobile to drive to our second winery at Froggy wines.

4:00 PM - Head out to West Sandy creek for a last chance to taste even more wine while enjoying relaxing music.

5:00 PM - or there abouts, Return to Huntsville.

For your safety, the bus is fully sanitized and disinfected before each tour. Masks are available for your use.

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Tour bus van

tour Bus Included!

For your special occasions - 12 passenger, limo seating, party van with a dance pole! Cooler with cold water.


Per Ticket

Tour Start Date

June 3, 2023

Tour End Date

June 3, 2023

Call For Reservations


Tour Type

Wine Tours

How Many Days

1 Days

Tour Location


Bus Seating

8-12 People Total

Seats Available


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