Eastern Frontier - 5-day tour


Anglo settlers arrived through Nacogdoches in Texas as early as 1813 as part of the Gutierrez Magee army, but the majority of new Texians arrived through Matagorda ten years later. Stephen F. Austin received his Empresario grant in 1821, but was not authorized to bring settlers until 1823. His grant extended from the Brazos to the Colorado River, starting 10 leagues in from the coast. This was not land he owned, but land which he was authorized to hand out to any settlers who arrived in Spanish and later Mexican Texas. Each settler was authorized to receive a League (4,428 acres) plus a Labor (177 acres). Since land in the United States, right across the Mississippi River, was selling for $1.25 per acre, Austin’s offer of nearly 5,000 acres for the price of the paperwork ($12) was tantalizing for thousands of Anglos who swarmed across the border.


Our tour will begin in Huntsville early in the morning for a long trip to Matagorda, the main seaport for Austin’s colonists. This will give us a chance to learn the history of early Spanish Texas. 3 hr 5 min (168.7 mi) via I-45 S

From there we will follow the trail of those early settlers northwest to East and West Columbia 51 minutes (45.2 mi) via TX-60 N and TX-35 N. where we’ll get to see the first Capitol of Texas.  A member of the local Historical Commission will provide a step-aboard explanation of the differences between the two towns and the history of the early settlers.  From Columbia we will travel West through Wharton to East Bernard, another historic area.

The next morning we will head into Rosenburg --18 min (16.4 mi) via TX-36 S.--where we will pick up a local member of the Historical Commission as our step-aboard guide.

We’ll tour Rosenburg and Richmond before heading northwest again to visit San Felipe, the center of Austin’s colony. 36 min (30.8 mi) via TX-36 N

There we will have a chance to have lunch in Sealy before exploring the impressive new Stephen F. Austin interactive museum. We’ll head home from San Felipe, returning by about 5 pm. 1hr 33 min (87.6 mi) via Hwy 6 N.

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