Greeting Dearhearts!

At long last, after an almost two-year-long hiatus, the Joye Mobile is back, “balance” pole and all! It is so wonderful to finally be able to offer you some truly exciting and entertaining tours. Spring is coming and the flowers will be blooming again (barring THIS final freeze!) I will be sending you updates on what tours we have coming up in the near and distant future so be looking for us on your emails, Facebook, Instagram, and on flyers around town.

Our little company has expanded. Thanks to my new Admin Robin Logan, who is busy planning these tours, and Darren to help drive the bus (he’s driven Ambulances, and her son Kaden to help out), and the beautiful Simeon Hinton to handle Bookkeeping, we are ready to hit the road again with YOU aboard.

First up, we’ve expanded beyond just Historic Tours. Thanks to Robin’s genius, we are offering the Pampered Princess tour on days of your own choosing. It is a full day of nothing but luxury for our ladies and it makes GREAT gifts for Valentines or Mother’s Day or Birthdays for your Sweetie, your Mom, your BFF, or even yourself. Think of it! Nothing but indulgence and pampering for an entire day! It’s a Girls Day out!

Start at 9 am with Champagne, aperitifs, and a floral souvenir at our new offices at 1212 12th Street in Huntsville. Then tour our downtown for a day to enjoy a Facial and Massage, a full body stretch then lunch at Sam’s table and a Wine tasting before a chance to shop and a tour on the Joye Mobile to see Huntsville as you’ve never seen it before! All for only $250. Give it as a gift or keep it for yourself. Check out our website at

On February 24-26, you will have a once-in-a-lifetime chance to see the last remaining Whooping Cranes at the Port Aransas Festival. If you’ve wanted to go but didn’t want to drive, let us take you down there for a 3-day and 2-night tour for only $350. We will take care of your hotel, and drive you to every one of your own tours. Check out the Port Aransas Whooping Crane Festival website for their schedule and sign up. We will get you there in the comfort of the Joye Mobile. Sign up on our web page for the trip.

Did you know Huntsville has had a vibrant and amazing African American community? Thanks to the leadership of Joshua Houston and his family, there is a rich and varied history to learn about. We will be offering African American tours of Huntsville, February 9th (with Dr. Jeff Littlejohn), Thursday, February 17th, and Tuesday, February 22nd including tours of the Samuel Walker Houston Museum, the display at the Sam Houston Memorial Museum, the Drag and the Flat, the Southend Cemetery, and thegravesites of Joshua Houston at Oakwood Cemetery. Learn about all of the history of Huntsville’s African American community for only $50 per person. Sign up on our website at

And a FREEBIE! For March 2, to celebrate our own Texas Independence Day thanks to Tracy and your City Tourism department, we will be offering two FREE tours of Historic Huntsville tour sat 1pm and 2 pm, starting from the Walker Education Building. We can accommodate 12 people in the Joye Mobile for each tour, so we will take the first 24 people for free who sign up with Tracy at the Statue or at our website

On March 4th and March 5th enjoy the Azalea Festival in River Oaks..

The Trail features the Famous Bayou BendHome and Gardens of Ima Hogg, the Rienzi Home and Gardens, The Forum of Civics building, and 4 residential gardens. We’ll take you down to the staging point, go with you on their bus tour (not as comfortable as the Joye Mobile), and then take you to lunch afterward. Tickets, tour and lunch are included for $125. Signup

March is Bluebonnet Season. On March 26th, the Joye Mobile will be headed out into the Triple Treat Tour to visit Anderson, Navasota and Brenham to see the best bluebonnet landscapes in East Texas. We’ll be stopping for lunch and plenty of chances to get pictures of the bluebonnets in bloom. More info to come on this tour at our website

 Looking farther ahead, bookearly for the 2-day Galveston Homes Tour on May 14th and 15th.  

Check out our website for the latest tours or PLAN YOUR OWN. Just to give you an idea, our 12 Lovely Livingston Ladies have planned their own four-day tour to Galveston with stops in Texas City, Kemah, the Bryan Museum, an evening concert and houses on the beach.

You can do the same! Gather 8 to 12 friends and decide where you want to go and what you want to do. Let us put it together for you and just hop aboard theJoye Mobile and let us take you to the places of your dreams. Contact Robin Logan at 936-455-5468 for help in putting together your tours.

I look forward to seeing you again next week with more exciting tours and updates.

 Best wishes from your own BFF,

Caroline Crimm, Ph.D. CEO,and all-around Factotum (look it up!)


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