Camino Real Tour - OSR - Highway 21


Late in the 1690s, Father Damian Massanet traveled into East Texas along a Caddo road which would become Highway 21. We'll follow Highway 21, also known as the Old Spanish or Old San Antonio Road (I'm sure you've seen the OSR designation) as we learn about the lifestyles of the early Spanish Miners, Merchants and Missionaries. What was it like for the early Spanish to try to settle Texas? We'll stop at the San Francisco de los Tejas Mission before going on to the Caddo Mounds to explore the lives of the Caddo. You'll find out how the Caddo were able to use the Spanish and French against each other to get what they wanted. Step into the sandals of the Padres and the Caddo to learn more about survival in the forests of East Texas, the building of the missions, the frustrations and failures as well as the successes of the Spanish in controlling East Texas, long before the arrival of the English.


8:00 am - Pick up guests

9:00 am - Earphones to learn the history of the Early Spanish and Caddo

10:00 am - Arrival at Mission San Francisco de los Tejas - lecture by Texas Park Ranger

10:30 am - Time to view the museum at Mission Tejas

11:00 am - Drive to Caddo Mounds -time to explore museum and park

12:30 pm - Lunch

3:30 pm - Return home

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