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Texas boasts some of the oldest and most fascinating history of any state in the union. If you have lived in Texas all your life, you have visited many of these locations whether as a 7th grader or with your family. Now you have a chance to renew your acquaintance with some of Texas’ best loved locations, or to explore places you didn’t get to see back then. Now you can delve more deeply into the entertaining stories that will give you a glimpse into the past.

If you are new to Texas, you may have wondered why Texans are so proud of their history. This is your chance to visit some of the places you have heard about. Join our tours and learn the history of this unusual and interesting state.

Why Tour With A Guide?

By signing up with a professional tour guide, you can learn much more than the descriptions on roadside markers or historic plaques. Dr. Carolina Castillo Crimm has taught for nearly forty years on every level from 2nd grade to college and adults. She is a certified tour guide with credentials from the International Guide Association (IGA) and a member of the Professional Tour Guide Association of Houston PTGAH). She is also a member of the International Association of Tour Directors and Guides (IATDG).  She has made history fascinating to hundreds of groups around the state, the nation, and even internationally. She has earned a reputation as an entertaining and enthusiastic speaker. In this, her second career, she is dedicated to sharing her love of history while pampering and caring for her guests as though they were in her own home. In addition to Dr. Crimm, you will also enjoy stories from local guides who will share with you the amazing stories behind the plaques and the historical markers. You will get to live history as you never have before.

Why Choose Our Tours?

Historic Tours of Texas focuses on small, intimate tours of no more than 10 or 12 like-minded, intellectually curious individuals. You can choose to receive personal attention and concierge service during the short 3 day Texas Star Luxury tours. You won’t have to worry about places to stay or where to eat. Everything is organized and planned for you.

The tour is all about you!

Small Groups

Join intimate groups
of 8 to 12 people


Sanitized & Safe

For your safety, the van
is fully sanitized

Learn Local History

Learn local history at
historic museums

The best Cuisine

Enjoy the best local

Cozy Lodging

Stay at cozy B&Bs
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Dr. Caroline Crimm

History Professor & Certified
Tour Guide

A retired History Professor Emeritus from Sam Houston State University, Dr. Caroline Crimm is a nationally Certified Tour Guide (IGA) with 40 years of experience in making Texas and Mexican History come alive for groups of all ages and backgrounds.

Texas Tours

hand-picked tours & Activities

Tiny Town Tours

Join us for a relaxing lunch and tour to a different town each Friday. Have you visited New Waverly? Come enjoy orange biscuits, jalapeño jam, Fields of Flowers and a Painted Church.

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Wine Tours

There are eight wineries close enough to fit three of them into an all-day tour and to include a delicious lunch as well, all included in the price of your tour.

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Ghost Tours

Haunted Huntsville bus tour to haunted places including buildings, cemeteries and the "Wall Bats" in flight.

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One Day Tours

Historic Tours of Texas is ready to roam with new tours and special custom tours. Today is the day to start planning your travel this year, and we are here to help!

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Historic Tours around Texas

Multiple Day tours are a chance to spend time getting to know some of the wonderful historic sites in Texas, Mexico and Spain.

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International Tours

BOOK NOW! Enjoy the celebration of New Years' Eve with the best fireworks ever!!

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Follow in their footsteps!

You said that someday you would visit the best-loved destinations in Texas. Now is your chance! Easy registration and cancellation.

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