Newsletter Edition 2

Good morning all!

As we get up and running again, it has been a real pleasure to welcome new guests onto the Joye Mobile. I love sharing the fascinating stories of our area and helping my friends learn or relearn their Texas history!

Have you watched the Texas Reporter or the Bucket List? Why should they be the only ones to savor good food?

It’s your turn! Check out the many tours we have available on our website: www.historictoursoftexas.coLet me invite you to board the Joye Mobile for these upcoming opportunities!  

Join the Joye Mobile

Galilee Community educators


Thurs. Feb. 17, and Mon. Feb. 21.  10 am-5 pm. Transportation, tour guide, entry fees and lunch $50

Did you know Huntsville had such a long and proud African American history? Join us to find out! Thurs, and Mon. Monthly from now on. Load at Samuel Walker Houston Cultural Center on 10 th Street.

AZALEA TOUR River Oaks Garden Club–only 12 tickets/day

Fri. Mar. 4 and again Sat. Mar. 5.  

8 am to 5 pm.  Sign up now!  

Load the Joye Mobile at our offices at 1212 12th Street. Transportation, Guide, Entry fees to Gardens, and Lunch included - $150.

TRIPLE TREAT! – Anderson, Navasota and Brenham– All inclusive $125

Load the Joye Mobile at our offices at 1212 12 Street. We’ll try the Stage coach ride at Anderson, lunch in Navasota and of course, a taste of the best ice cream in Texas at the Blue Bell Creamery in Brenham. $125

SAN JACINTO INDEPENDENCE DAY! Reenactors all day!  Thurs. April 21st   9 am – 5 pm.  - Enjoy our own tent with a picnic worthy of Santa Anna himself! Yes, that's our picnic! $190

Check our Web Site for more tours

1212 12th Street, Huntsville, TX 77340

(936) 355-5468

Or CHOOSE YOUR OWN TOUR – several of our guests have chosen to design their own tours, whether for an anniversary or for a group outing. Let us know where you want to go and when and we’ll make the arrangements. Plan on our handling all the transportation, entries, entertainment, meals, hotels and fees for you. All you do is climb aboard, enjoy our snacks, coffee, wine or water, and relax. We’ll take care of you beginning to end! Call Robin to handle your arrangements - (936) 355-5468.

These tours are coming up soon so book now!

I don't want you to miss out !! Call Robin Logan at (936) 355-5468 or me at (936) 581-3334. (Robin is more dependable!) Or go on-line at

Bye for now! We’ll be back next week with another update!

All my best wishes!


Caroline Crimm




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